Lycaenidae: Coppers, Hairstreaks and Blues

Subfamily Lycaeninae — Coppers

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Tailed Copper page Lycaena arota arota - Tailed Copper
(Ribes spp. inc. californicum var hesperium and R. quercetorum) - Currant and Gooseberry (Glossulariaceae)
link to Lycaena arota nubila page Lycaena arota nubila - 'Cloudy' Tailed Copper
Ribes aureum var gracillimum - Golden Currant, prob. R. californicum (Glossulariaceae).
Link to Lycaena hermes copper page Lycaena hermes - Hermes Copper
Rhamnus crocea - Redberry (Rhamnaceae)
Link to Great Copper page Lycaena xanthoides xanthoides - Great Copper
Rumex spp. - Docks (Polygonaceae)
Link to Gorgon Copper page Lycaena gorgon gorgon - Gorgon Copper
Eriogonum elongatum - Long-stemmed Buckwheat (Polygonaceae) in So. Cal.
no photos yet Lycaena gorgon micropunctata - Small Spotted Gorgon Copper
Eriogonum elongatum - Long-stemmed Buckwheat (Polygonaceae)
Link to Lycaena heteronea clara page of butterfly photographs Lycaena heteronea clara - Bright Blue Copper
Eriogonum heermannii is preferred, though some use E. umbellatum var. munzii, and possibly E. fasciculatum (Polygonaceae).
Link to Purplish Copper page Tharsalea helloides - Purplish Copper
Docks, sorrels and other Polygonum Willow Dock (Polygonaceae)
• Ken D. has a Lycaena xanthoides nr obsolescens from Death Valley that "appears" to extend into parts of Kern Co. True obsolescens isn't within my southern California boundaries. At stake is some reduced spotting on the underside of males.

Subfamily Theclinae — Hairstreaks

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Golden Hairstreak page Habrodais grunus grunus - Golden Hairstreak
Oaks (Quercus), esp. Canyon Live Oak
no photos yet Habrodais grunus lorquini - Golden Hairstreak
Oaks (Quercus); SLO Co.
Link to Atlides halesus corcorani page Atlides halesus corcorani - Great Purple Hairstreak
Mistletoe species inc. Phoradendron californicum, P. bolleanum
Link to Behr's Hairstreak page Satyrium behrii behrii - Behr's Hairstreak
Purshia tridentata var grandulosa
Link to California Hairstreak page Satyrium californica californica - California Hairstreak
Oaks (Quercus), possibly Ceanothus.
Link to Desert Sylvan Hairstreak page Satyrium dryope desertorum - 'Desert' Sylvan Hairstreak
Willows (Salix)
no photos yet Satyrium auretorum auretorum - Gold-hunter's Hairstreak
Link to Gold-hunter's Hairstreak page Satyrium auretorum spadix - Gold-hunter's Hairstreak
Oak (Quercus)
no photos yet Satyrium auretorum fumosum - Santa Monica Mtns Hairstreak
Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
Link to Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak page Satyrium tetra - Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak
Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus betuloides)
Link to Hedgerow Hairstreak page Satyrium saepium chalcis - 'Bronzed' Hedgerow Hairstreak
link to Satyrium saepium caliginosum page Satyrium saepium caliginosum - 'Dark' Hedgerow Hairstreak
Ceanothus cuneatus var fasciculatum - Coastal SLO and S.Barb. Counties
link to page with Satyrium saepium chlorophora photos and information Satyrium saepium chlorophora - 'Purplish' Hedgerow Hairstreak
Link to Satyrium saepium subaridum page Satyrium saepium subaridum - 'Desert' Hedgerow Hairstreak
Ceanothus greggii
link to photos and information about Chlorostrymon simaethis sarita Chlorostrymon simaethis sarita - Silver-banded Hairstreak
Cardiospermum halicacabum - Balloon Vine
Link to Callophrys dumetorum perplexa page Callophrys dumetorum perplexa - Perplexing Hairstreak
Various buckwheats (Eriogonum), Deerweed (Acmispon glaber)
link to web page with photographs of - and very little information about - the superplexing hairstreak Callophrys dumetorum superperplexa - Superperplexing Hairstreak
Eriogonum fasciculatum
no photos yet Callophrys viridis - Coastal Green Hairstreak
Not sure which buckwheat it uses in SLO Co. Status controversial.
no photos yet Callophrys sheridanii comstocki - Comstock's Hairstreak
Eriogonum heermannii
link to page with photos of Callophrys siva siva Mitoura siva siva - Siva Juniper Hairstreak
Link to Siva Juniper Hairstreak page Mitoura siva juniperaria - Juniper Hairstreak
California Juniper (Juniperus californica)
no photos yet Mitoura siva mansfieldi - Mansfield's Hairstreak
Junipers; Kern/SLO/SB/Ventura Cos.
Link to Siva near chalcosiva Juniper Hairstreak page Mitoura siva near chalcosiva - Juniper Hairstreak (San Bernardino Mtns. population)
Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis).
Link to Loki Juniper Hairstreak page Mitoura loki loki - 'Loki' Juniper Hairstreak or Skinner's Hairstreak
California Juniper (Juniperus californica)
Link to Thorne's Juniper Hairstreak page Mitoura (loki) thornei - 'Thorne's' Juniper Hairstreak
Tecate Cypress (Cupressus forbesii)
Link to Nelson's Hairstreak page Mitoura nelsoni nelsoni - Nelson's Hairstreak
Incense Cedar (Calocedrus decurrans)
no photos yet Mitoura muiri - Muir's Hairstreak
Link to Callophrys spinetorum page Loranthomitoura spinetorum spinetorum - Thicket Hairstreak
Arceuthobium campylopodum - golden or pine dwarf mistletoe on pines
Link to Brown Elfin page Incisalia augustinus iroides - Western Brown Elfin
Many, including dodder, Ceanothus, others
link to page about the Desert Elfin butterfly Incisalia fotis mojavensis - Desert Elfin
Purshia stansburyana
no photos yet Incisalia mossii doudoroffi - Doudoroff's Elfin
Sedum spathulifolium
Link to Moss's Elfin Hidakupa page Incisalia mossii hidakupa - San Gabriel Mtns (Moss's) Elfin
Sedum spathulifolium
Link to Western Pine Elfin page Incisalia eryphon eryphon - Western Pine Elfin
Lodgepole and other Pines
Link to Gray Hairstreak page Strymon melinus pudica - Gray Hairstreak
Many, inc. buckwheats, lotus, mallows.
Link to Strymon avalona page Strymon avalona - Avalon Scrub Hairstreak
Acmispon glaber and A. argophyllus.
link to Strymon istapa clenchi page Strymon istapa clenchi - Mallow Scrub Hairstreak
Rock Hibiscus (Hibiscus denudatus)
Link to Leda Ministreak page Ministrymon leda - Leda Ministreak
Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa), catclaw (Senegalia greggii)
• Ken Davenport lists an undescribed Mitoura/Callophrys siva Inner Coast Range segregate.

Subfamily Polyommatinae - Blues

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Leptotes marina - Marine Blue - page Leptotes marina - Marine Blue
Commonly Plumbago auriculata in cities; elsewhere various legumes inc. Astragalus spp. and False Indigo
Link to Western Pygmy Blue page Brephidium exilis - Western Pygmy Blue
Many, including several species of saltbush inc. Atriplex canescens, A. lentiformis, and A. polycarpa
Link to Everes/Cupido amyntula page Everes amyntula amyntula - Western Tailed Blue
Astragalus spp.
no photos yet Everes amyntula nesiotes - Western Tailed Blue
Astragalus spp.? Santa Rosa Island
Link to Echo Blue photographs page Celastrina echo echo - Echo Blue
Ceanothus leucodermis, Chamise (Adenostoma fasciculatum), others
Link to Celastrina echo cinerea page Celastrina echo cinerea - 'Cinereous' Echo Blue
Rock Spiraea is mentioned by the Emmels (1973)
Link to Hemiargus ceraunus gyas page Hemiargus ceraunus gyas - 'Edward's' Ceraunus Blue
Several inc. Honey Mesquite, Senegalia greggii and Locoweeds
Link to Sonoran Blue page Philotes sonorensis sonorensis - Sonoran Blue
Dudleya lanceolata
Link to Arrowhead Blue page of photographs Glaucopsyche piasus piasus - Arrowhead Blue
Link to Coastal Arrowhead Blue page of photographs Glaucopsyche piasus sagittigera - 'Coastal' Arrowhead Blue
Lupinus excubitus
Link to Smoky Arrowhead Blue page of photographs Glaucopsyche piasus umbrosa - 'Smoky' Arrowhead Blue
Lupinus formosus
Link to Glaucopsyche piasus gabrielina page Glaucopsyche piasus gabrielina - 'San Gabriel Mtns' Arrowhead Blue
Lupinus elatus
link to Arrowhead Blue photographs, subspecies excubita Glaucopsyche piasus excubita - 'Bush Lupine' Arrowhead Blue
Usually Lupinus excubitus
link to page with photos and information about Glaucopsyche lygdamus deserticola Glaucopsyche lygdamus deserticola - Eastern Mojave Silvery Blue
Astragalus lentiginosus var. fremontii; Mojave Preserve ranges and vic. into NV
Link to page with photographs of Silvery Blue butterfly - Glaucopsyche lygdamus astralis Glaucopsyche lygdamus australis - 'Southern' Silvery Blue
Usually deerweed (Acmispon glaber)
Link to Palos Verdes Blue butterfly page - Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis - Palos Verdes Blue
Coast locoweed (Astragalus trichopodus lonchus) and Deerweed (Acmispon glaber)
no photos yet Glaucopsyche lygdamus sabulosa - Central Coast Silvery Blue
Deerweed (Acmispon glaber)
no photos yet Glaucopsyche lygdamus pseudoxerces - False Xerces Blue
Deerweed? Santa Rosa Island
no photos yet Glaucopsyche lygdamus incognitus - Unrecognized Silvery Blue
Deerweed. Gets into north SLO Co.; TL is in Santa Clara Co.
Photographs and info about the Small Blue butterfly - Euphilotes speciosa speciosa Euphilotes (formerly Philotiella) speciosa speciosa - Small Blue
Punctured Bract (Oxytheca perfoliata), Trilobia (Oxytheca trilobata), Kidneyleaf buckwheat (Eriogonum reniforme)
Photographs and info about the Small Blue butterfly - Euphilotes speciosa purisima - from Santa Barbara county Euphilotes speciosa purisima - Small Blue
Mucronea californica; known from Santa Barbara Co. north of Lompoc.
link to El Segundo Blue Butterfly page Euphilotes allyni - El Segundo Blue
Eriogonum parvifolium
Link to Euphilotes glaucon comstocki page Euphilotes glaucon comstocki - Comstock's Blue
Eriogonum umbellatum
Link to Euphilotes bernardino bernardino page Euphilotes bernardino bernardino - Bernardino Blue
Eriogonum fasciculatum
Link to Euphilotes bernardino inyomontana page Euphilotes bernardino inyomontana - Inyo Mountains Blue
Eriogonum fasciculatum
link to page with photos and information about Euphilotes bernardino martini Euphilotes bernardino martini - Martin's Blue
Eriogonum fasciculatum
no photos yet Euphilotes ellisi euromojavensis - Ellis's Blue
Eriogonum heermannii, microthecum, and E. plumatella.
no photos yet Euphilotes ellisi avawatz - Ellis's Blue
Eriogonum heermannii
link to page with photos of Euphilotes baueri vernalis Euphilotes baueri vernalis - Vernal Blue (Coxey Meadow)
Eriogonum kennedyi on pebble plains
Link to page for Euphilotes mojave mojave Euphilotes mojave mojave - Mojave Blue
Eriogonum pusillum, reniforme, nudum
Link to Euphilotes enoptes tildeni page Euphilotes enoptes tildeni - 'Tilden's' Dotted Blue
Eriogonum nudum, others
no photos yet Euphilotes enoptes cryptorufes - 'Cryptorufes' Dotted Blue
Eriogonum davidsonii
no photos yet Euphilotes enoptes langstoni - Langston's Blue
Eriogonum nudum and E. kennedyi
Link to the page for the populations of nominate Euphilotes dammersi Euphilotes dammersi dammersi - Dammers' Dotted Blue
Eriogonum wrightii var membranaceum, E. wrightii var nodosum at Cactus Spring Trail
no photos yet Euphilotes dammersi opacapulla - Dark-shaded Dammer's Blue
Eriogonum nidularum, E. plumatella; flies mid-Sept to mid-Oct in E. Mojave
Link to photographs of Euphilotes pallescens elvirae Euphilotes pallescens elvirae - 'Elvira' Pallid Blue
Eriogonum plumatella and microthecum
Link to Echiargus isola arce page Echinargus isola alce - Reakirt's Blue
Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa), Screwbean Mesquite (P. pubescens), Catclaw (Senegalia greggii)
Link to San Emigdio Blue (Plebejus emigdionis) page Plebulina emigdionis - San Emigdio Blue
Atriplex canescens in association with ant and scale insect
link to webpage for Plebejus/Icaricia saepiolus aehaja - the greenish blue butterfly Icaricia saepiolus aehaja - Greenish Blue
Link to Icaricia saepiolus hilda page Icaricia saepiolus hilda - 'Hilda' Greenish Blue
Cow's Clover (Trifolium wormskioldii), Longstalk Clover (T. longipes), Carpet Clover (T. monanthum)
Link to photographs of Icaricia icarioides evius - Boisduval's Blue Icaricia icarioides evius - 'Evius' Boisduval's Blue
Lupines inc. excubitus
no photos yet Icaricia icarioides santana - Trabuco Blue
Lupinus excubitus
no photos yet Icaricia icarioides moroensis - Morro Bay Blue
Bush lupines (Lupinus chamissonis) in the sand along coastal dunes in SLO and No. Santa Barbara Cos.
no photos yet Icaricia icarioides atascadero - Atascadero Blue
Lupinus excubitus
Link to photographs of Icaricia icarioides eosierra Icaricia icarioides eosierra - Eastern Sierra Blue
Lupinus excubitus
Link to Icaricia acmon acmon page Icaricia acmon - Acmon Blue
Many, inc. species of Acmispon, Eriogonum and Astragalus
no photos yet Icaricia lupini texanus - Texan Blue
E. Mojave; formerly an acmon subspecies
Link to page with photographs of Plebejus lupini chlorina Icaricia chlorina chlorina - Green Blue
Eriogonum umbellatum
no photos yet Icaricia chlorina argentata - Silvered Green Blue
Eriogonum umbellatum - E. Mojave
Links to Icaricia monticola page of photographs Icaricia monticola - Clemence's Blue
Usually California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum)
Link to page for the Veined Blue - Plebejus neurona Icaricia neurona - Veined Blue
Eriogonum wrightii var subscaposum and - E. kennedyi
link to Melissa Blue butterfly web page Plebejus melissa paradoxa - 'Orange-Margined' Melissa Blue
Often Spanish Lotus, a.k.a. American bird's foot trefoil (Acmispon americanus); other Pea family plants
Euphilotes bernardino Coastal seg. - Undescribed blue on Eriogonum cinereum.
Euphilotes bernardino nr garthi - Point Loma Blue on E. fasciculatum. Undescribed but listed in Systematics.
• Ken D. mentions two populations of undescribed Silvery Blues: one on the So. Sierra west slope, and the other SE of the Sierras.
• Gordon Pratt has briefly discussed Euphilotes enoptes complex butterflies from the Big Bear region, inc. a multiple-brooded entity at Baldwin Lake on E. kennedyi and a rare Arrastre Creek blue on E. davidsonii that doesn't fly most years.
• According to John Emmel, the Arrowhead Blue I found north of Big Bear is Glaucopsyche piasus nr. sagittigera. It uses Lupinus andersonii as larval host.
Icaricia saepiolus aureolus and Philotes sonorensis extinctus are extinct.

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