Catclaw - Senegalia greggii
Senegalia greggii is a native shrub that hosts Leptotes marina, Hemiargus ceraunus, Echinargus isola alce, and Ministrymon leda - all lycaenids that eat the flowers and fruits of this important desert plant.
Catclaw - Senegalia greggii
Flowers of Senegalia greggii are a great nectar source for butterflies and bees, and are fed upon by larvae as noted above. This photo is from May, 2020; the bloom is April-June generally.
Catclaw - Senegalia greggii
Close up of Senegalia greggii showing why you may want to be careful with this shrub.
Marine Blues mating on Catclaw - Senegalia greggii
Marine Blues on Catclaw - Senegalia greggii. This is at Scissors Crossing in Anza-Borrego; another good spot is within Joshua Tree National Park on the southern side at the Chiriaco Summit entrance in May.
Ceraunus Blue ovipositing on Catclaw - Senegalia greggii
A Ceraunus Blue ovipositing on Senegalia greggii. When these desert shrubs are in bloom they are well worth checking for butterflies.

©Dennis Walker