Pieridae: Whites and Sulphurs

Subfamily Pierinae — Whites

Link Butterfly and host plant
no photos yet Neophasia menapia menapia - Pine White
no photos yet Neophasia menapia tehachapina - Tehachapi Pine White
Link to Pontia beckerii page Pontia beckerii - Becker's White
Bladderpod (Isomeris arborea) in the Cleomaceae; Prince's plume (Stanleya pinnata) and other wild mustards
Link to Pontia protodice page Pontia protodice - Checkered White
Mustards inc. London Rocket
Link to Pontia sisymbrii page Pontia sisymbrii sisymbrii - Spring White
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
Link to Pieris rapae page Pieris rapae - Cabbage White
Mustards inc. garden varieties (Brassicaceae)
Link to Euchloe hyantis hyantis page Euchloe hyantis hyantis - 'California' Pearly Marble
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
no photos yet Euchloe hyantis andrewsi - Andrew's Marble
Streptanthus bernardinus (Brassicaceae)
Link to Euchloe hyantis nr lotta page Euchloe hyantis nr lotta - 'Desert' Pearly Marble (high E. San Bern Mtns population)
Usually Tansy Mustard (Descurainia) (Brassicaceae)
Link to Euchloe hyantis lotta page Euchloe lotta -'Desert' Pearly Marble
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
Link to Anthocharis cethura cethura page Anthocharis cethura cethura - Desert Orangetip
Mustards (Brassicaceae) including Lacepod (Thysanocarpus curvipes) and Tansy Mustard (Descurainia pinnata)
no photos yet Anthocharis cethura nr hadromarmorata - Marbled Desert Orangetip
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
no photos yet Anthocharis cethura catalina - 'Catalina' Desert Orangetip
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
no photos yet Anthocharis cethura morrisoni - 'Morrison's' Desert Orangetip
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
no photos yet Anthocharis cethura mojavensis - 'Mojave' Desert Orangetip
Mustards (Brassicaceae)
Link to Anthocharis sara sara Anthocharis sara sara - Sara Orangetip
Several mustards (Brassicaceae) including Lacepod (Thysanocarpus curvipes), Nevada Rockcress (Arabis perennans)
no photos yet Anthocharis sara gunderi - Gunder's Orangetip
Arabis species (Brassicaceae)
no photos yet Anthocharis lanceolata lanceolata - Gray Marble
Arabis (Brassicaceae)
Link to Anthocharis lanceolata australis page Anthocharis lanceolata australis - 'Grinell's' Gray Marble
Sicklepod Rockcress (Arabis sparsiflora)
Link to Anthocharis lanceolata desertolimbus page Anthocharis lanceolata desertolimbus - 'Desert Edge' Gray Marble
Nevada Rockcress (Arabis perennans) (Brassicaceae)

Subfamily Coliadinae — Sulphurs

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Colias eurytheme page Colias eurytheme - Orange Sulphur
Many Pea family members inc. Astragalus, Lotus and Lupine spp.
Link to Colias harfordii page Colias harfordii - Harford's Sulphur
Locoweeds, Deerweed (Pea family)
Link to Zerene cesonia cesonia page Zerene cesonia cesonia - Southern Dogface
False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa), Clovers, others
Link to Zerene eurydice page Zerene eurydice - California Dogface
False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa)
Link to Phoebis sennae marcellina page Phoebis sennae marcellina - 'Southwestern' Cloudless Sulphur
Senna (Cassia spp.)
Link to Phoebis agarithe fisheri Phoebis agarithe fisheri - Large Orange Sulphur
Senna?, Pithecellobium?
Link to Eureme mexicana page Eureme mexicana - Mexican Yellow
Senna (Cassia spp.)
Link to Abeis nicippe page Abaeis nicippe - Sleepy Orange
Senna (Cassia spp.)
Link to Nathalis iole page Nathalis iole - Dainty Sulphur
Several inc. Beggar-ticks, Marigolds, Spanish Needles

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