Hesperiidae: Skippers

Subfamily Pyrginae — Spread-winged Skippers

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Epargyreus clarus californicus page Epargyreus clarus californicus - 'California' Silver-spotted Skipper
Pea family inc. Acmispon spp.
Link to Cecropterus pylades indistinctus page Cecropterus pylades indistinctus - Northern Cloudywing
False Indigo (Amorpha fruticosa), other legumes
Link to Pholisora catullus catullus page Pholisora catullus catullus - Common Sootywing
Various Pigweeds and Amaranths
Link to Pholisora catullus crestar page Pholisora catullus crestar - Common Sootywing
Various Pigweeds and Amaranths
Link to Hesperopsis libya libya page Hesperopsis libya libya - Mojave Sootywing
Saltbush, esp. Atriplex canescens
no photos yet Hesperopsis libya joaquina - San Joaquin Valley Mojave Sootywing
no photos yet Hesperopsis alpheus oricus - 'Alpheus' Saltbush Sootywing
Saltbush, inc. Atriplex canescens, A. lentiformis
Link to page of photographs and information about Hesperopsis gracielae, MacNeill's saltbush sootywing skipper Hesperopsis gracielae - MacNeill's Saltbush Sootywing
Atriplex lentiformis
Link to Erynnis brizo lacustra page Erynnis brizo lacustra - 'Wright's' Sleepy Duskywing
Oaks - here Muller's Scrub Oak (Quercus cornelius-mulleri)
link to page with photos and information about Erynnis brizo burgessi Erynnis brizo burgessi - 'Burgess's' Sleepy Duskywing
Scrub Oaks in the E. Mojave desert ranges
Erynnis propertius Erynnis/Gesta propertius - Propertius Duskywing
Oaks, inc. Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
Link to photographs of Erynnis meridianus Erynnis/Gesta meridianus meridianus - Meridian Duskywing
Oaks, in Keystone Cyn, New York Mtns
Link to Erynnis tristis tristis page Erynnis/Gesta tristis tristis - Mournful Duskywing
Oaks inc. Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia)
Link to Erynnis pacuvius callidus page Erynnis/Gesta pacuvius callidus - 'Artful' Pacuvius Duskywing
Various Ceanothus spp. inc. Ceanothus cordulatus
Link to Erynnis pacuvius lilius page Erynnis/Gesta pacuvius lilius - Dyer's Pacuvius Duskywing
Ceanothus spp.
Link to Erynnis funeralis page Erynnis/Gesta funeralis - Funereal Duskywing
Deerweed (Acmispon glaber), Desert Ironwood (Olneya tesota), others
Link to Erynnis afranius page Erynnis/Gesta afranius - Afranius Duskywing
Nevada Lotus (Acmispon nevadensis), Spanish Clover or American bird's foot trefoil (Acmispon americanus)
no photos yet Erynnis/Gesta persius borealis - Persius Duskywing
Thermopsis spp., Acmispon argyraeus, lupines, other legumes
Link to Systasea zampa page Systasea zampa - Arizona Powdered Skipper
Rock Hibiscus (Hibiscus denudatus), Palmer Abutilon (Abutilon palmeri), Yellow Feltplant (Horsfordia newberryi)
Link to Pyrgus ruralis ruralis page Pyrgus ruralis ruralis - Two-banded Checkered-Skipper
Cinquefoils and horkelias
Link to Pyrgus ruralis lagunae page Pyrgus ruralis lagunae - Laguna Mountain Skipper
Cleveland's Horkelia (Horkelia clevelandii)
no photos yet Pyrgus scriptura scriptura - Small Checkered-Skipper
Alkali mallow (Malvella leprosa), desert mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
Link to Pyrgus scriptura apertorum page Pyrgus scriptura apertorum - Small Checkered-Skipper
Desert mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
Link to Burnsius albescens page Burnsius albescens - White Checkered-Skipper
Mallows inc. desert mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
Link to Heliopetes ericetorum page Heliopetes ericetorum - Northern White-Skipper
Mallows inc. desert mallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua)
Polygonus leo arizonensis - Rare stray; influx species in AZ most years.
Urbanus proteus proteus - No so. Cal. records since 1992; occasionally breeds in AZ but rare there.
Staphylus ceos - very rare stray; AZ resident.
Burnsius communis communis - gets into so. Cal., but indistinguishable from albescens without genitalic examination.
Heliopyrgus domicella domicella - old records of strays to Anza-Borrego, Colo. River. AZ resident.

Subfamily Megathyminae — Giant Skippers

Link Butterfly and host plant
no photos yet Agathymus gentryi - Gentry's Giant Skipper
Agave deserti - Desert Agave
Link to Agathymus stephensi page Agathymus stephensi - California Giant Skipper
Agave deserti - Desert Agave
Link to Megathymus yuccae martini page Megathymus yuccae martini - 'Martin's' Yucca Giant Skipper
Yuccas - schidigera and brevifolia
no photos yet Megathymus yuccae harbisoni - 'Harbison's' Yucca Giant Skipper
Mojave yucca (Yucca schidigera); very few records for this one.

Subfamily Hesperiinae — Grass Skippers

Link Butterfly and host plant
Link to Copaeodes aurantiaca page Copaeodes aurantiaca - Orange Skipperling
Grasses inc. bermuda
Link to Panoquina errans page Panoquina errans - Wandering Skipper
Usually Saltgrass (Distichlis spicata)
Link to Lerodea eufala page Lerodea eufala eufala - Eufala Skipper
Link to a page with photos and info about the fiery skipper, Hylephila phyleus Hylephila phyleus phyleus - Fiery Skipper
Grasses inc. Bermuda
no photos yet Pseudocopaeodes eunus eunus - Alkali Skipper
Desert Saltgrass (Distichlis spicata var stricta)
no photos yet Pseudocopaeodes eunus alinea - Alkali Skipper
Desert Saltgrass (Distichlis spicata var stricta)
no photos yet Pseudocopaeodes eunus flavus - Yellow Alkali Skipper
Desert Saltgrass (Distichlis spicata var stricta)
Link to Hesperia juba page Hesperia juba - Juba Skipper
Grasses such as Poa pratensis and Bromus madritensis ssp rubens.
Link to Hesperia colorado idaho page Hesperia colorado idaho - Great Basin Branded Skipper
Link to Hesperia colorado tildeni page Hesperia colorado tildeni - Tilden's Branded Skipper
Grasses, inc. blue grasses
Link to Hesperia colorado leussleri page Hesperia colorado leussleri - Leussler's Branded Skipper
no photos yet Hesperia pahaska martini - Pahaska Skipper
Low woollygrass (Dasyochloa (formerly Tridens) pulchella) - NY Mtns., others in E. Mojave
Link to page with Hesperia columbia photographs Hesperia columbia - Columbian Skipper
June Grass (Koeleria cristata)
no photos yet Hesperia lindseyi lindseyi - Lindsey's Skipper
California oat grass (Danthonia californica) locally
Link to Polites sabuleti sabuleti page Polites sabuleti sabuleti - Sandhill Skipper
Grasses, inc. Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata)
no photos yet Polites sabuleti channelensis - Channel Islands Skipper
Desert Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata var stricta); Santa Rosa Island
no photos yet Polites sabuleti tecumseh - Tecumseh Skipper
Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata)
Polites sabuleti chusca Polites sabuleti chusca - Chusca Skipper
Desert Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata var stricta)
Link to Polites sonora sonora page Limochores sonora sonora - Sonora Skipper
Link to Atalopedes campestris campestris page Atalopedes campestris campestris - Sachem or Field Skipper
Link to Poanes melane melane page Poanes melane melane - Umber Skipper
link to Ochlodes sylvanoides sylvanoides page with photos and information about the Woodland Skipper Ochlodes sylvanoides sylvanoides - Woodland Skipper
Grasses, esp. rye
no photos yet Ochlodes sylvanoides santacruza - Woodland Skipper
Grass; Santa Cruz Island
no photos yet Ochlodes sylvanoides catalina - 'Catalina' Woodland Skipper
Grasses, esp. rye; Catalina Island
Link to Ochlodes agricola agricola page Ochlodes agricola agricola - Rural Skipper
Link to Ochlodes agricola nemorum page Ochlodes agricola nemorum - Forest Skipper
no photos yet Ochlodes agricola verus - Verus Skipper
link to page with information and photos of Euphyes vestris harbisoni Euphyes vestris harbisoni - 'Harbison's' Dun Skipper
San Diego Sedge (Carex spissa) in southern California
Nastra julia - Extirpated from so. Cal.; formerly ranged southward from Blythe.
Hylephila phyleus muertovalle - Pelham and others haven't accepted this lighter ssp. named by Scott as a valid taxon.
Hesperia colorado Fall Sierra Nevada seg. - undescribed; in Ken's Emmel Update book.
Polites carus - Apparently extirpated from Colo. River area.
Ochlodes yuma yuma - There is a 1966 record from Topock Marsh SSE of Needles in the Colo. River area that Ken Davenport lists as in San Bernardino County. The marsh is just across the border in AZ, and there are no records I know of from southern California.

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