Anthocharis thoosa nr thoosa

Thoosa Orangetip

Utah denizen Todd Stout's thorough investigation into the Anthocharis sara-complex resulted in confirmation of three species-level orangetips in that complex: sara, thoosa, and julia. Our familiar sara orangetips are basically confined to the western half of California (just extending into Oregon). The sara-like butterfly found (from north to south) in the Kingston range; Clark Mountains; Mountain Pass; Providence Mountains; and Old Woman Mountains in the eastern mojave desert, are thoosa.

See Todd L. Stout, "A review of three species-level taxa of the Anthocharis sara complex (Lepidoptera: Pieridae: Pierinae: Anthocharidini)," Insecta Mundi, 0615: 1-38 (2018).

Thoosa Orangetip - Anthocharis thoosa nr thoosa
This male Anthocharis thoosa near thoosa was taking nectar along the Mary Beale Trail in the Providence Mountains within the Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve. March 15, 2020.
Thoosa Orangetip - Anthocharis thoosa nr thoosa
A female from the same place, but severals weeks later. April 11, 2020.
Thoosa Orangetip - Anthocharis thoosa nr thoosa
Showing the underside of the wing, typically darker than that of sara.

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