Satyrium saepium chlorophora

Purplish Hedgerow Hairstreak

This subspecies of Satyrium saepium is somewhat controversial among butterfly enthusiasts. It is said to be darker, often purplish, and a denizen of the coastal parts of San Diego County. The described characters do not always seem to hold, however, and the type locality of "San Diego" is vague. There is more to learn (for me at least) about saepium populations, and whether there are meaningful delineations of different populations in San Diego County. I know I'm not alone in wondering about this.

Photo of Satyrium saepium chlorophora
In Descanso, I found a population of dark hedgerow hairstreaks that would seem to belong to chlorophora. They are very similar to the type specimens. June 9, 2013.
Photo of Satyrium saepium chlorophora
Also from the Descanso area, same day as above. Looks like all three on this page are males.
Photo of Satyrium saepium chlorophora
One last shot: this one a bit lighter but still a bold line. The irridescent green shows on freshly-emerged individuals.
Original description of Satyrium saepium chlorophora
This subspecies was named by Watson and Comstock in 1920 in the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History.

©Dennis Walker