Limenitis lorquini lorquini

Lorquin's Admiral

Nominate lorquini is mostly a northern California butterfly. It ranges into southern California in the southern Sierras, where it is soon replaced by subspecies powelli. This was a butterfly collected by Pierre Lorquin during the gold rush, and the type locality is now in Plumas County. Lorquin sent the specimen to Dr. Boisduval in Paris, and it was included in his 1852 journal article treating several California species that were then new to science. The name Boisduval chose is obviously a tribute to Lorquin.

Limenitis lorquini - Lorquin's Admiral
A familiar sight to any who would trepass through his territory, this is a male Liminitis lorquini lorquini, Lorquin's admiral. From Ant Canyon, Tulare Co., April 20, 2014.
Limenitis lorquini - Lorquin's Admiral
Nominate Lorquin's admiral from Lloyd Meadow in Tulare County, July 20, 2012.
Limenitis lorquini - Lorquin's Admiral
Same as above. These range into the southern Sierras and then are replaced by subspecies powelli.
Original description of Limenitis lorquini - Lorquin's Admiral
Boisduval's original description from 1852, based on specimens sent to him from California by Pierre Lorquin, whom the butterfly was named after.

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