Argynnis zerene monticola

Zerene Fritillary

Argynnis zerene monticola is a more northern butterfly (the type locality is near Yosemite Valley and it doesn't quite reach Kern County), but I'm including it as a southern California butterfly because it appears to be extending its range south, and has been readily found at Alder Creek and to the west for years. It flies from early June through September in montane areas (thus monticola, meaning "mountain dweller").

Argynnis egleis egleis - the Great Basin Fritillary
Argynnis zerene monticola, from the roadside along Sherman Pass Road, west of the summit at 8600', June 28, 2017.
Argynnis egleis egleis - the Great Basin Fritillary
The underside hind wing of Argynnis zerene monticola has dark edging along the white spots that was lacking in the local egleis that were flying that day. This one was near the one above. Egleis also had noticably thicker dark scaling along the veins on the dorsal side of the forewing.

©Dennis Walker