Argynnis egleis egleis

Great Basin Fritillary

Argynnis egleis egleis flies in the forests of the southern Sierras into the northern reaches of Kern County (such as the Greenhorns); mine is from Sherman Pass Road in Tulare Co. Ken Davenport (in his 2014 Kern/Tulare book) has dates for Kern from late June into the first week of August. A good place to look for these is simply roadside flowers at higher elevations along Sherman Pass Road. Host is violets.

Further south, in the Tehachapis, is its rare, possibly extinct, relative, ssp. tehachapina, last seen in the 1990s.

Argynnis egleis egleis - the Great Basin Fritillary
Nominate Argynnis egleis taking nectar on roadside flowers, June 28, 2017. This was along Sherman Pass Road, west of the pass at 8660'.
Argynnis egleis egleis - the Great Basin Fritillary
Same individual as above. June 28, 2017

©Dennis Walker