Argynnis coronis hennei

'Henne's' Coronis Fritillary

Argynnis coronis hennei is not widespread; it flies at Mt. Piños, Frazier Park/Mountain, Mt. Abel, and the Tehachapis, according to Ken Davenport. It's easily confused (by me) with the more common Argynnis callippe macaria, with which it flies much of the time on Mt. Piños, the only place I know it from. It does, however, fly later: from June into September, while the flight of callippe macaria usually begins in late May and ends in July. So in August-September, coronis hennei may still be flying, while seeing callippe macaria after August 3rd would be a late record (last time I checked).

Speyeria coronis hennei - 'Henne's' Coronis Fritillary
This is Argynnis coronis hennei, from Mt. Piños, August 7, 2007. These are relatively scarce, and I have a hard time separating these from callippe, but I'm confident about this identification because the late record for callippe macaria is August 3rd and coronis hennei flies well into September. And this one was pretty fresh.

©Dennis Walker