Gray Hairstreak male
Male Gray Hairstreak, Strymon melinus pudicus, in my garden, Long Beach, August 14, 2005. Note the orange on the abdomen, which distinguishes the males from females.
Gray Hairstreak
Another in the garden, Long Beach, August 14, 2005. These were once called "Common Hairstreaks".
Gray Hairstreak female
Female Gray Hairstreak, March 4, 2006 in my garden. Females lack orange on the abdomen that males have.
Gray Hairstreak egg
A Gray Hairstreak was ovipositing on deerweed - Lotus scoparius - in my garden on June 19, 2011, and this is one of the tiny, bluish-green eggs I was able to photograph.
Gray Hairstreak larva
Larva on California Buckwheat, Colton, SBern Co., October 15, 2007.
Gray Hairstreak larva
Larva of Gray Hairstreak on Mint blossom in my yard, Long Beach, August 31, 2009.

©Dennis Walker