Callophrys siva juniperaria

Siva Juniper Hairstreak

Like the closely-related loki, this hairstreak uses California Juniper and is multiple-brooded (said to be March-April, June-July, with a fall emergence possible with sufficient summer rains. In contrast to loki, this butterfly has a decidedly green underside wing color (which is structural, not pigmented, in these butterflies). Juniperaria can be found along the northern side of the San Gabriels and San Bernardino Mountains in the high desert, where juniper thrives. Bob's Gap is a classic habitat to look for this butterfly (I've seen a few in April); Mint Canyon is the type locality. Its range extends north to the Tehachapis, Piutes, and the Upper Kern River (acc. to Ken Davenport).

(Siva) Juniper Hairstreak - Callophrys siva juniperaria
The Juniper Hairstreak, at Valyermo along the Mojave desert edge north of the San Gabriels, April 2, 2009.
(Siva) Juniper Hairstreak - Callophrys siva juniperaria
Another juniperaria, also at Valyermo, where they fly around their host Junipers in the spring. This butterfly has mostly eluded my camera over the years. I'd photographed a worn individual, and seen a few fresh ones that quickly took off. This day I finally got the shots I wanted.
(Siva) Juniper Hairstreak - Callophrys siva juniperaria
Close-up of the wing of this beautiful hairstreak. Note the "tails". Same day as above.

©Dennis Walker